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Michael Bublé‘s “Too Be Loved.” Click image to audition at Amazon.

Michael Bublé’s
To Be Loved

There once was a singer who operated very successfully in the worlds of both pre-rock and rock-era popular music. This mythological figure, who was known in lands far and wide by the name …


Molly Ringwald's "Except Sometimes." Click image to audition and buy at Amazon.

Molly Ringwald‘s “Except Sometimes.” Click image to audition at Amazon.

Molly Ringwald’s
Except … Sometimes

Okay, here’s the big news: Molly Ringwald is not quite a jazz singer—not if she aspires to the command and confidence of her idols, like Ella Fitzgerald, or even to the stylistic distinction of her recent interview buddy …



Willie Nelson and Family’s “Let’s Face the Music and Dance.” Click image to audition at Amazon.

Willie Nelson’s
Let’s Face the Music and Dance

Willie Nelson is an Untouchable, even to people who don’t always buy his records. At the seemingly ancient age of 40, he invented a musical genre (outlaw country) that firmly rejected the recent past of the …



Madeleine Peyroux’s “The Blue Room” Click image to audition at Amazon


Madeleine Peyroux’s
The Blue Room

Madeleine Peyroux has charted a unique course as an artist. American by birth, French in adolescence, and completely immersed in both cultures musically, she has built a dedicated following with moody, bluesy interpretations of …


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